Episode 58: From Driving Ubers in Character to Becoming A Kardashian with Andrea Lopez

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This week's episode is so much fun! We've got the hilarious Andrea Lopez (NBC Bring The Funny, Comedy Central) on the podcast! We are coworkers at Buzzfeed together who've never met! So this is a special moment. We talk about her jobs in radio, driving for Uber, and of course her stint in hard news, where she covered a murder trial for a local news channel. But then she realized she was more of a comedian. She's an amazing impressionist, so naturally we discuss the Kardashians (and play a lil trivia), and Jennifer Coolidge - who she got to have drinks with and this story is everything! Andrea creates so much content, she edits, and she has a ton of encouraging words for all of us! We can't wait to get drinks IRL with Andrea! Also on this episode, Anna and Ellen discuss the Blockbuster documentary, because sadly a lot of people were unemployed after they started closing! Ellen worked in a film store, and then went to film school, which we love for her. Also, they talk about the rituals of going to the video store, and Anna's return to a movie theater. Follow Andrea on social media @AndreaLopezComedy and if you wanna see the video? Patreon.com/UnemployedPodcast!

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