Episode 55: Without Coworkers You Can Get Away With Anything At Work with Kelly Hudson

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This week's episode is so much fun. We have the very funny Kelly Hudson (The Squirt Podcast, Make Me Like It Podcast) on the pod this week! Kelly has had many many jobs and we're blessed to have learned about all of them! Kelly worked as a mascot at a bookstore, she worked at The Gap, she was a barista, an editor, ice cream scooper, sandwich artist, and even more that you'll find out about! Also, she was a parking booth attendant in college and really found herself there...yes what you're thinking is what we're saying...haha. It's an epic story and we are grateful that she shared this with us. Men aren't the only ones!!! Kelly also is an accomplished comedy writer, editor, and actress, and she worked with Ellen at Adult Swim! Anna and Ellen discuss paperwork for jobs...and how Anna feels dumb for not being able figure out how to do it! But it's not her fault - no one teaches you that! Check out Kelly's work on her website https://www.kellyqehudson.com/ and don't forget to RATE, REVIEW & HIRE US! hey thanks

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