Episode 50: "Acting is About Accents" Even If It's One Line with Tim Murray

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It's our 50th EPISODE!!! We'rrre 50! We did it! We're retiring! (Just kidding, you need to be working to retire, right?) This week we have a such a treat for our 50th episode. We are joined by the very funny comedian and podcast host Tim Murray (Slumber Party Podcast) is our guest! Tim is an amazing hustler, who booked himself all over the world and went on tour with his one hour standup show. But also? He's been an acting teacher for child models in LA, he's found tons of jobs on Craigslist, and he's worked in Summer Stock. We discuss his time working at a snack bar at a pool, and Ruby Tuesday's, where a whole world was opened up for him. We chat about hooking up at your place of work, which some people do. Also Tim tells us about a dramatic breakup at the bar he worked at, his experience working in theme parks, and his stories are the best! Ellen and Anna discuss their fun times on HQ After Dark and Ellen's famous hand, and Anna debates starting an Only Fans account. Plus, we take a call from someone who was fired from Game Stop and talk about how insane the Game Stop Stock drama has been lately. It's an amazing episode, and thanks for listening to all 50! Go follow @TMurray06 and check out his hilarious podcast! Find us at @UnemployedPDCST! Full video up on Patreon.com/UnemployedPodcast.

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