Episode 47: She Wore Suits to Temp Jobs Like a Boss with Abbi Crutchfield

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What a week! New president, new episode. We're so excited to have the very funny comedian and host, Abbi Crutchfield (Up Early Tonight on Hulu) with us on the pod! Abbi talks about working for no money in childcare, to working for a little money in childcare, to actually being a mom responsible for her own child. We also discuss all of her temping gigs, and how she wanted them to turn into full-time jobs, her stint at a pizza place, and of course her new late night comedy show for moms, starring moms, about moms. Definitely check it out! Also, Anna and Ellen discuss the controversy about Blake Shelton's new song, "Minimum Wage" and they have very interesting (even contradicting?) feedback! Plus, we take a call from Matt, our new friend, who had the fortunate luck of graduating from law school and passing the bar... during the unfortunate year we call 2020 and is having trouble finding a job. Give it a listen, because maybe you have advice for Matt too! It's an awesome episode and if you want to watch the full video, please check out Patreon.com/UnemployedPodcast! Also follow @curlycomedy on social! And of course, @UnemployedPDCST, @UnemployedwithAnna (on IG) and plz RATE! REVIEW! HIRE US!

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