Episode 46: From a Blueberry Farm to America's Next Top Model with Sarah Hartshorne

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On the latest episode of the podcast we have the very funny Sarah Hartshorne on! Sarah and Anna were together right before the pandemic, like days before quarantine, and discuss what their last day together was like before never seeing people in person again. She is a writer for Abortion Access Front, and a TikTok star, and a very funny comedian. Also, fun fact? Sarah has been editing resumé's for a while but has famously never used a resumé to get a job. Her tips are super helpful!! But before all of this, she was on A_merica's Next Top Model_. Yeah, the one with Tyra. And we had SO much fun hearing alllll about what goes on from the audition to the makeover to sitting around without the ability to make a phone call. If you like this show, Sarah shares the TEA! Also, we learned that she worked on a blueberry farm for 9 years! 9 years! This is a fascinating episode and I know you'll love it. Anna and Ellen also discuss Peleton vs. Soulcycle, which Anna is clearly passionate about. They reminisce about being in yoga classes IRL when you were so close to other people. You know, real life! Don't forget to follow instagram.com/@SarahBHartshorne https://twitter.com/UnemployedPDCST instagram.com/AnnaRoisman twitter.com/AnnaRoisman And if you want to see this glorious video, please please check out our PATREON!!! It's https://www.patreon.com/unemployedpodcast and anything helps! Thanks!

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