Episode 41: We Stan All The One Day Gigs with Caitlin Bitzegaio & Lauren Brickman

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This week's episode of Unemployed features not one but two fabulous guests! We have Caitlin Bitzegaio and Lauren Brickman (We Stan Together Podcast) on and we get into all the jobs! First and foremost we're honored to be Caitlin's first interview after coming off of a job that ended on this very day we recorded. Kismet? Probably. Caitlin talks to us about the Zoom writers rooms she's been in, some legendary bizarre gigs of copywriting, and a celebrity story to die for! We also hear all the deets about Lauren's teaching career on Zoom, which is probably a dream for her students since she's great on camera. We also get to learn about how Lauren turned an internship when she was a teenager into a paid job like a BOSS. Oh and we get into the weird jobs, the weird potential jobs, the ones that we never thought we'd do and more! Also Ellen and Anna discuss what it's like when you are employed during Thanksgiving week. From the stress to the travel... did we dodge a bullet this year by not going? It's all on this episode and more! Don't forget to follow @WeStanSocial, check out their podcast! As always you can find this video on our Patreon.com/UnemployedPodcast. Follow @UnemployedPDCST (twitter) and @UnemployedWithAnna (IG) & RATE, REVIEW, HIRE US!!

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