Episode 40: From a Dairy Queen to a WWE Queen with Renee Paquette

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It's the 40th episode of Unemployed!!! And we have an amazing one for you. If you can even believe, our guest this week left a big job this year and her fans started tagging this podcast in posts. So through the powers of Twitter, Anna asked her to be on the pod and she said YES! That's right, we're engaged to Renee Paquette! (JK, but she's the best and we're friends now!) On the episode, they discuss everything from Renee's early jobs in Toronto (shout out to Dairy Queen), their mutual love of food and soups, moving to LA to pursue acting, the WWE and more. They have quite a bit in common, aside from wrestling knowledge which is Renee's expertise! Renee tells us all about how she became the powerhouse TV host and what it's like working with her husband Jon. She also launched her own amazing podcast this past week called, "Oral Sessions" so be sure to go listen! Also, Anna and Ellen discuss Thanksgiving plans or lack thereof, Dolly Parton, and we're thrilled Ellen took a break from Animal Crossing to do this episode! Follow @ReneePaquette @UnemployedPDCST and as always, rate & review! Full Video up on Patreon.com/UnemployedPodcast

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