S2 ep. 17: The Bucks do drugs? What's a cicada? Dave hates golf. Where is Lithuania?

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XALATAN? ZETIA? XYZAL? Where do the drug makers come up with these names for the medications they sell? Do they feel X and Z have been ignored too long in the English language and are trying to make up for it in their brand names? Shouldn’t the names have a connection to the condition they are treating? Well, the Bucks think so. Dave and Del discuss this bizarre naming scheme and offer some sensible alternatives. Del does pretty well on the drug quiz.

First it was the Lantern Fly, now it’s Brood X of the 17-year cicada about to burst on the scene again in many eastern states in May. The Bucks review an article in the Smithsonian Magazine, 14 Fun Facts About Cicadas.. Fun fact: Cicadas are not locusts. Check it out for more details.

A wave of the antlers to Hideki Matsuyama on his Masters victory. Dave recounts his love of golf-or lack thereof. Del assures everyone that Dave is as bad as he proclaims; he’s not just negotiating a handicap.

The Bucks get a letter from Russia inquiring about The Drinking Contest and Old Buck Jim, the most spectacular contestant, responds in a letter from afar. Old Buck John, a college buddy of Dave’s and the best pitcher in the history of the school, tells about his 2.5 year stint in Lithuania. Welcome home to John.

Del recognizes some fine folks the Bucks have met along the way.

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