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Cindy and Kat talk with Kat from Fox Fire Crystals by Kat about how crystals work, how to charge them, how to cleanse them, and many other interesting topics concerning crystals. She is extremely knowledgeable and we highly recommend that you click the link below and check her out! She makes some beautiful crystal pieces that would be perfect for Christmas gifts this season!
The True Hauntings mystery boxes are being replaced starting in Dec 2022 with a unique story each month by Cynthia Seer. It will be printed, signed, and mailed to the Super Fan members of the True Hauntings patreon each month starting in Dec 2022. The last mystery box is going out in Nov 2022 and it is Crystals themed. You can still find mystery boxes in the True Hauntings Etsy store, though, so don't worry! There are many interesting things there for all your Christmas Shopping needs!

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