Listener Questions! USWNT friendlies, most important USMNT players, MLS rules, and more

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It's time for some American soccer listener questions! You can find the full list that we discussed down below.

1) What are we hoping to see from the USWNT in their upcoming friendlies?

2) In the women’s game, who shares the “elite” tier with the USWNT?

3) What rules would we change in MLS to give teams more freedom while keeping some semblance of parity?

4) It seems like many American soccer fans are national team first, club second. Is that true in other countries?

5) What national team plays like the USMNT wants to play?

6) Would the USMNT be better off in the long run playing a "Red Bull" style?

7) Who’s the most important player that the U.S. needs healthy for Qatar?



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