Conversation with Dr. Harald Stossier

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Prof. Dr. Harald Stossier, founder of VIVAMAYR the Centre for Modern Mayr Medicine. An electrical engineer, Author of over 12 books and Policy maker in Complementary medicine. Dr Stossier headed the policy making in EU in 1985 to legalise and recognise complementary Medicine.

Dr Harald Stossier has spoken on platforms amongst thought leaders who analyze our age, politicians who determine our headlines, policy makers who shape our future, and entertainers who sprinkle stardust on our mundane existence.

His created Modern Mayr Medicine strives for holistic health with individualised therapy program, an exact compilation of the necessary medical treatment and applications where Metabolism and digestion are in the core. Fasting is one of the key approach to Modern Mayr Medicine.
In this Episode we cover

  • What is Mayr Medicine?
  • Difference between Mayr Medicine and Modern Mayr Medicine.
  • Europe and Asia's historic contribution in Complimentary Medicine.
  • What is Complimentary Medicine and How is it different from Alternative Medicine?
  • Definition of a Complimentary Medicine Practitioner.
  • Challenges faced by Complimentary Medicine Industry and Why do Pharma Companies dominate the scene.
  • What is Orthomolecular Medicine?
  • Dr. Stossier's views and advice on Supplements and Seeds.
  • How is Intravenous Therapy beneficial?
  • Views on Laser Therapy.
  • Rapid Fiver with Dr. Stossier
    • Liver
    • Brain
    • Environment
    • Chewing
    • Sleep

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