10: Overcoming Failure (How Not To Feel Like A Loser When You Feel Like A Loser!)

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You don't know the color of tea until you put it in hot water!

The times I've had the biggest growth is when I've been down in the dumps...

Famous failures include Madonna (college drop out), Walt Disney (fired for lack of imagination), JK Rowling (on gov't assistance), Anna Wintour (fired from Harper's Bazaar)...

You're not a failure; you're just off course!

I've recorded so many Facebook Lives over the years that I'm bringing you some of my most popular ones, re-purposed here as a podcast!

(Pardon the interaction with the LIVE participants...)

Also, y'all know I work from home, so you get to hear my kids in the background at the beginning of this one #AmateurHour

This pod may be old, and my email sign-up has changed (it's now the SuperMom Survival Guide, not My Top 10 Life Hacks) -- but I still offer free 20-min breakthrough sessions.... visit www.MelissaMcCloud.co for all the deets!

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