QnA: Muscle Building Techniques Old & New, Spec Ops Preparation, Calisthenics Tips & More

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STRONG Life Podcast ep 337 brought to you by https://ZachStrength.com

In this QnA I cover the following topics:

- What are hypertrophy clusters and how are the variations different from the 70s leading up to today?

- How can we use hypertrophy clusters for building muscle?

- How to program design for a marathon while still continuing strength work. I also give recovery tips for runners.

- How to prepare for spec ops selection.

- Lessons learned from my daily push up challenge.

- Training HIT style & lessons learned from Mike Mentzer, Dorian Yates, Blood & Guts as well as the training mistakes I made back then compared to now.

- Who was / is my favorite bodybuilding pre Arnold era?

- How to lose 25 lbs and increase pull ups?

Resources Mentioned in this episode:



The Gladiator Project

Endless Training Courses inside https://UndergroundStrengthCoach.com

NEW YouTube Videos HERE

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