Episode 210: Pedophiles Among Us - How Do We Respond? (Part 1)

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Pedophiles are all around us. Registered sex offenders are everywhere. Other known sex offenders are in our circle of friends and family. Then there are all the predators who are abusing children but are have not been found out yet. There are three basic schools of thought: (1) put all child sexual predators on an island somewhere, (2) welcome them into our churches and families, or (3) let sleeping dogs lie.
The reality is that they are everywhere. We can't ship them on an island, so how do we recognize them as functioning members of society while still setting boundaries and protecting our little ones? This is a balance MOST people have not been able to figure out. That's why this series is so important to us!
60 Minutes Australia, Predator Park:
Jimmy’s book, The Devil Inside: How My Minister Father Molested Kids In Our Home and Church for Decades and How I Finally Stopped Him
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