4: Tammy Smith - Women Carry and GunStart

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This episode we speak with Tammy Smith from GunStart. Tammy Smith joins us to talk about Women Carry - https://www.facebook.com/womencarry/ , GunStart http://gunstart.com/ , Bears, MAG30 http://massadayoobgroup.com/mag-30range/ , SUPS https://southernutahpracticalshootingrange.com/ , growing up with guns in Alaska, Front Sight https://www.frontsight.com/ , Kathy Jackson (Cornered Cat) https://www.corneredcat.com/ , Rangemaster http://rangemaster.com/ , Firearms Academy of Seattle https://firearmsacademy.com/ , mental ‘game’ during training and practice, ego on the range, Sig 320, Frank Deyoung http://gunstart.com/product/trauma-class/ , getting people engaged in shooting (sport or otherwise.) We let the recording roll after the interview to catch more conversation – including hot brass, website design, ninjas, and the 1%.

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