157 | Baby Development and Play with Pediatric Therapist, Kailee Noland

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Curious about baby development? Feel like your parent-worth is defined by the visible developmental stage of your baby? Wanting to optimize the physical and neurological development of your baby? Kailee, a pediatric physical therapist, walks you through her top tips in navigating self-worth as a parent and how it relates to baby development, as well as her approach to finding a balance between allowing natural exploration, nurture for your baby, safety-watch, and interference or control over the stimuli they are exposed to. Furthermore, Kailee shares the importance of crawling for physical and neurological development, and how different stages of baby development relate to spinal and joint maturation and innate reflexes. With a particular focus on tummy time and floor play, Kailee's provides insight into appropriate levels of standing for babies and when baby containers may or may not be beneficial for babies. As she debunks common marketing promotions for baby containers, she discusses how baby containers may be affecting hip and spinal maturation, as well as independent walking. Finally, she explains how parents can create a more active environment through the idea of imitation, and the importance of spending more time outside. Let's take a deep dive into baby development.

What You Will Learn in this Interview with Kailee Noland

2:16 - What drew Kailee into Pediatric Physical Therapy

5:29 - How Kailee navigates differences in google’s definitions of baby development

9:11 - Kailee’s recommendations on interfering with baby development

12:41 - Why is crawling so pertinent?

15:06 - Tips on progressing from crawling to upright play & inspiring confidence

18:52 - Is it okay for babies to stand a lot?

22:03 - Is there a benefit to using jumper/bouncer devices?

26:18 - Baby Containers Kailee does not recommend

33:04 - How can parents keep their kids active?

39:02 - The power of getting outside & how the pandemic influenced that!

39:57 - Kailee’s projects coming soon & her current guides

42:10 - Where you can learn more about Kailee

To learn more about Kailee and view full show notes, please visit the full website here: https://www.docjenfit.com/podcast/episode157

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