Obligatory Keystone Crossover: Episode 2

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When you run the company, you can't get fired. When you're publishing your own podcast, you can't get canceled. And so, the Obligatory Keystone Crossover, an experiment in collaboration (in our case) and tolerance (in theirs) between Obligatory and the Keystone Sports Network is back for a second installment. In this episode, Chris handles the hosting duties and has some sage career advice to drown out the clickbait for James Franklin, while Jim zeroes in on what's changed for Penn State, and its third-year QB, since beginning the 2020 fake season at 0-5.

FEATURING: Chris Buchignani, Jim Galanti

We’re excited to be partnering with the team at Keystone Sports, more folks who love the Nittany Lions like we do.

You can hear the Keystone Kickoff Show three times a week on the airwaves across Pennsylvania - go to KeystoneSportsNetwork.com for a list of radio stations and more - or listen whenever you want by subscribing on your favorite podcast platform. But your best bet is to download the Keystone Sports App, available in the App Store and Google Play.

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