Empowering Women to Cycle - A conversation with Pinar Pinzuti Ep 20

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Pinar Pinzuti is a cycling advocate based in Milan. A veritable powerhouse of spreading the word about the importance of reestablishing the bicycle as transport in our cities. Pinar started the Fancy Women Bike Ride in Izmir, Turkey in 2013 and, in 2021, there were 150 rides in thirty countries. In this conversation with Mikael, Pinar discusses the idea behind her Fancy Women Bike Ride and the importance of empowering women through positive advocacy. They discuss Mikael’s Cycle Chic movement, the male-dominated cycling world and the future of selling cycling positively to the 99%. Check out https://www.fancywomenbikeride.com Intro and outro music by Phil Creamer from www.hereonout.ca.

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