Ep 345: Accidents and asteroids

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Accidents and asteroids We didn’t notice it was going to be asteroid day until yesterday, but by coincidence, today is all about asteroids. Here’s something on an attempt to experiment with moving asteroids around. DART, NASA's test to stop an asteroid from hitting Earth Here’s something on the end of the dinosaurs, a good reason to want to move asteroids around. How an asteroid ended the age of the dinosaurs Here’s an FAQ about the computer thing I get excited about at the end of this episode. THOR on ADAM Fact Sheet Here’s a short video on asteroids. What Are Asteroids And Where Do They Come From? Here’s a site about “Asteroid day,” the holiday we didn’t know we were celebrating. Asteroid Day Here’s a bit about the Tunguska event, another good reason to want to nudge asteroids into different orbits. The Tunguska Impact--100 Years Later Here’s a page on the NEAR Shoemaker mission, the first landing on an asteroid. NEAR Shoemaker And here’s a bit on OSIRIS-Rex, NASA’s mission to return samples from an asteroid to Earth. NASA’s First Asteroid Sample Return Mission, OSIRIS-Rex, is a Success

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