Ep 323: Robots orbiting the Earth

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Robots orbiting the Earth We’re combining and continuing our episodes on robots, automation, space and space travel with a look at what robots have been up to while orbiting our planet. Here’s a link to the beginning of our episodes about space. Ep 288: From stones to strings to space Here’s a link to the beginning of our episodes about robots Ep 311: Building brain bits for bots based on big beasties Here’s the company who built and flew the MEV. Mission Robotic Vehicle (MRV) Satellite Technology - Northrop Grumman Here’s a video about the MEV-1. MEV-1 Mission Profile Here’s NASA’s site on the Detxtre. Special Purpose Dextrous Manipulator And here’s an article about some of the repair work done by Dextre. Canadian Robot Dextre Fixes Space Station Power Issue

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