Sarah Thornely - UK SUP Racing Champion, Broadcaster, SUPJunkie + Cheerleader Extraordinaire

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I am so thrilled to share Sarah Thornely with you on The Joy of SUP Podcast. She is one of the most inspiring, knowledgeable and kind women in the paddleboarding community and I am sure you will love her story.
Having had no previous sporting history, she learned to SUP in 2012 when she was 53. After a serious life-threatening operation she realised it was time to get on with paddling!
She raced for five years, culminating in jointly winning the National Series UK Title in the 14' class in 2017.
She promptly retired and offered to volunteer to help the GBSUP National Series on their events team with practical info for each race location and photography. She became part of the Live Feed of the first race which grew to also interviewing paddlers and all those involved in the race scene.
Supjunkie was "born" and she and her husband are now the media arm for GBSUP.
They have also been involved in some big SUP races: UKN1SCO races, the APP World Tour and went to China with the GB SUP Team who were competing in the World SUP Championships in 2018.
They do this for the love of SUP and it has kept Sarah connected with all the paddlers she used to race with.
They love to SUPport those who SUPport others.
Find Sarah online:

FB: Sarah Elizabeth Thornely and SUPjunkie

Insta: @sarah_supjunkie_thornely and

Twitter: @supjunkie_uk

YouTube: Supjunkie paddleboarding



FB: GBSUP National Series

Insta: @gbsup

Twitter: @GBSUP

One design race series, where everybody races on the same board + a great intro to racing:


Insta: @ukn1sco


Sarah writes for Stand Up Paddle Mag UK and The Paddler and would encourage others to get in touch with them (or her) if they want to share a story:

FB: Stand Up Paddle Mag UK and The Paddler

Insta: @supmaguk and @thepaddler

Twitter: @SUPMagUK

Sarah is an Ambassador for Water Skills Academy

FB: Water Skills Academy

Insta: @waterskillsacademy

Twitter: @water_skills

She is an Ambassador for Paddle Logger

FB: Paddle Logger

Insta: @paddlelogger

Twitter: @paddlelogger
Thank you for listening! I am sure you will be as inspired by Sarah as I am!
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Wishing you sunshine and joy, thank you for listening, Jo x
Please always put safety first and get the right advice for your training + body. Episode recorded during Lockdown 3 in the UK.

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