Michelle Ellison - Paddling The Thames + The Channel, Citizen Science + A Wild Business Adventure

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I'm thrilled to welcome Michelle Ellison to the podcast today. I first met Michelle in 2018 when we paddleboarded on the Thames with Active 360 and then went to Adventure Uncovered Live.
Michelle Ellison has been an adventurer, author, speaker, film producer and podcast club host since connecting with her love of the outdoors back in 2015.
She has since paddle boarded the length of the River Thames for citizen science, the longest fjord in Norway, the English Channel, and more recently the width of England for mental health.
Describing herself as a non-runner, cyclist and mountaineer, she took on cycling the length of the UK, running the width of the UK for mental health and suicide, and climbing the highest point in every European country.

A kiwi at heart, her mantra of ‘make sh*t happen’ pushes her to create new experiences for herself and others, believing in the power of connection and getting out of your comfort zone.

When she’s not in the outdoors you’ll find Michelle scheming her latest adventure, spending hours talking to her friends and family on the phone (Covid-times), binging on Netflix and tending to her career in HR.
In this episode, Michelle tells us about her exciting new venture bringing the Kula Cloth, which sounds fabulous and could make a great difference to women in the outdoors!
To get more information on Michelle’s projects and how you can buy your own environmentally friendly, technical antimicrobial pee cloth for your next adventure, visit www.shellsellison.com or @shells_ellison on Instagram.

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