Linzi Hawkin - SUPKids, Protect Blue, The Flying Doctors + PB + Chocolate

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I am so thrilled to welcome Linzi Hawkin to The Joy of SUP Podcast.

I first met Linzi in 2018 when we were paddleboarding on the Thames with Active 360 and Adventure Uncovered before Adventure Uncovered Live. I remember hearing her speak about SUP Kids and being really intrigued and keen to find out more.
I think you'll find her story and the work she is doing to make a difference fascinating!
Linzi is a creative strategist and environmental educator living in a tiny house on a pretty tiny island. She is obsessed with all things ocean. Linzi is fuelled by curiosity, chasing fun and breaking rules. She is happiest when in, on or under water.
Linzi is committed to striving for a healthy ocean, thriving ecosystems and humans who are more connected to nature.
She is founder of SUPKids, Co-Founder of Protect Blue, Wavemaker Collective and Plastic Free Jersey.
In this episode we talk about the amazing SUPKids programme she created that started in Australia with the Flying Doctors, working with Starboard to make a difference and bring SUP and environmental education programmes to more children (5 - 12 years old) across the globe.
We talk about life on a tiny island in a tiny house, peanut butter and chocolate snacks, paddling with her sister on an adventure, saltwater crocs and surfing.
You can find Linzi here:
Instagram @linzihawkin
I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I do! I'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback. Have you visited a SUP Kids School? Would you like to set one up?
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Wishing you sunshine and joy, thank you for listening, Jo x
Please always put safety first + get the right advice for your training + body. Episode recorded February 2021.

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