Becky Dickinson - SW Coastal Blogger, SUP Instructor, Paddling to The Scilly Isles + Jam on Scones

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I am so thrilled to welcome Becky Dickinson to the podcast today!
Becky is a paddle boarder based in the South West of the UK. She took up paddling in 2013 after her friend Guy set up Jurassic Paddle Sports in Sidmouth, Devon.

Although Becky was born in Yorkshire and spent her early years living in Hebden Bridge, her family moved to Devon when she was 6 years old and has been a water baby ever since. She started sailing at the age of 7 and spent many weekends playing in the surf on the North Devon coast.

As surfing became more competitive on the water, she looked for a sport that was more accessible and paddle boarding was perfect!

Last year Becky set up a WhatsApp group for paddle boarders based in the South West of the UK. It’s allowed women to meet up, make friends, share advice and knowledge of SUP and explore new paddle locations with great company!

Becky is also taking on a paddle boarding challenge with her friend John, to raise money for cancer research which has impacted her life as with many others over recent years. They will be paddling across to the Scilly Isles from Cornwall, planning is still in its early days but will share the details of when they come available.
We will share the links to Becky's fundraising page on social media.
You can find Becky on Instagram here @beachy_bex.
Her website is:
She is an Ambassador for Sealion Boards and BAM Clothing.
She trained with BSUPA to become a SUP Instructor at Edge Watersports.
Becky also shares more about One Wave Sidmouth - which is super as we will be having Evie on the podcast to talk about it more soon!
You can find John Horsfall's podcast here: The Modern Adventurer.
Here is a link to the Red Flotation Device Becky mentions.

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I do! I'd love to hear your thoughts and do follow Becky.
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Wishing you sunshine and joy, thank you for listening, Jo x
Please always put safety first + get the right advice for your training + body.

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