#219 Ron Matten & Arthur Deucher Figueiredo Santos, Talking Tech & O-1s

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00:00-03:00 Intro

03:01-04:17 Focus of the Immigration Practice for Ron and Arthur

04:18-06:31 Doing O Visas for Business vs. O Visas for Creative People

06:32-11:17 How COVID Pandemic Affected O-1 and NIW Cases

11:18-15:29 Entrepreneurial Mindset and O Visas

15:30-20:29 Litigation Over Denied EB-1A

20:30-26:07 Tech Tools Helping Gather Evidence For Immigration Cases

26:08-33:44 Importance of Making Your Immigration Application Package Appealing

33:45-37:19 Challenges In Setting Attorney Fees for O-1s

37:20-42:53 Using Technology In Your Immigration Practice

42:54-44:42 Networking With Other Immigration Lawyers

44:43-46:06 How To Reach Out To Matten Law

47:40-48:19 Outro

Guest: Ron Matten & Arthur Deucher Figueiredo Santos

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