How to Create Successful Client Experiences with Andrew Hays

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“You’re not selling a service; you’re selling an experience.” That’s what I discussed with Andrew Hays, an entrepreneur and attorney.

What sticks with people is the experience that they have with you. All of your clients should have a similar experience, from beginning to end, which means you’re engaging them with a similar process. A process is a list of things that have to happen in a certain order. A successful process will create successful experiences.

The relationship and the memory of the relationship is what lasts in your clients’ mind. Ten years from now your clients probably won’t remember the terms of your contract, but they will remember how you treated them. That’s what they’ll share with their friends.

In this episode we also discuss:

  • How to avoid the pitfalls of bad customer experiences.
  • Why communication is crucial to building client relationships.
  • The importance of interviewing your clients.
  • How to choose the right networking groups to join.
  • …and more golden nuggets of advice!

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About The Guest

Andrew is the managing partner of a boutique Chicago law firm specializing in estate and trust administration and litigation. Andrew founded Hays Firm LLC in 2008 when he was two years out of law school. The firm has grown from a one-man operation to one of the most respected estate and trust litigation firms in Chicago. Hays Firm LLC is currently in a growth stage with the goal of providing the best client experience possible.

Learn more about Hays Firm LLC:

  3. Or feel free to connect directly with Andy at:

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