Episode 40 - Joe Marasco - Adding cyber-terrorists to the kill/capture list; protecting your data and your car warranty has expired.

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This week The Pack is joined by cyber supercop Joe Marasco. Joe spent two decades with the FBI where he held several posts focusing on counter-intelligence, cyber-terrorism, human intelligence gathering (HUMINT). This segment is especially relevant now that so much of our lives and prosperity is online, and so many bad actors are out there targeting it.

Joe kept you safe while you looked at memes and slept. He was on the front lines fighting crooks and terrorists of the virtual world, and also often stepped with his blue windbreaker and tactical boots into the real world of those cyber criminals and cyberterrorists, ruining their days and kicking down their doors for your internet safety.

We ask Joe about what feels to him like a war of attrition, and what the public and government can do and is doing. We ask him why we don't hear more about what we are doing to fight back. From warnings about TikTok to drone strikes on cyber-terrorists, Joe lets us know (what he can) about the government's response capabilities.

Joe is currently a critical infrastructure director, responsible for North America and Latin America for software company SAP.

Sit back, have a drink, and enjoy.

Links https://www.cisa.gov/critical-infrastructure-sectors https://www.linkedin.com/in/joseph-marasco-110ba9174/

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