Colin Cowherd Podcast - Big Ben's Bad, The Brady Way and Cowboys Big Week 2 Win Reaction with Matt Mosley

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Colin reacts to a wild Week 2 NFL Sunday. Hear why Big Ben's days with the Steelers should be numbered (3:00), why Sam Darnold's Carolina reboot is an indictment of the Jets (5:00), the biggest mistake the Dolphins have made since drafting Tua (8:00), and the new mind-blowing Tom Brady stat that should terrify the NFL. Then, longtime Dallas Cowboys writer - and host of The Doomsday Podcast - Matt Mosley and Colin discuss Mike McCarthy's questionable time management (23:00), why Justin Herbert reminds Matt of the early Troy Aikman years (25:00), why the Cowboys look much different than last year (28:00), how Tony Pollard is taking the spotlight from Zeke (31:00), how Dallas stacks up against the NFC East (36:00), and which coach on the Cowboys staff has become a major in-game liability (38:00).

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