HH #526 Jesus and Hospitality with Amy Hannon

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“You don’t have to be gifted with hospitality because it’s a command given to us by God.” -Amy Hannon

Ouch! Amy Hannon may have convicted a lot of us with that statement. I’m not sure about you, but my hospitality is great when my clothes are folded and put away, the sink isn’t full of dishes, and the house is clean. On this episode, Amy reminds me that everyday hospitality is not photogenic and that inviting people into my messy spaces creates the common ground we’re all dying to find.

When it comes to hospitality, my dear friend Amy does it well. I don’t just say that because she’s on the podcast – I have actually visited her home and experienced her hospitality firsthand. Amy recently wrote a book that releases on October 18 called Gather and Give: Sharing God’s Heart Through Everyday Hospitality. Amy shares why hospitality is not a gift that some of us have but it’s a command given to us by God. Biblical hospitality is not overwhelming and you don’t have to be good at it. Biblical hospitality understands that a simple invitation for connection and community creates the perfect opportunity for emotional, relational, and spiritual transactions to take place.

What a convicting but encouraging episode! Join Amy and me as we talk about how we can bring hospitality into our everyday lives.

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