Three Powers For Women In Real Estate

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In recognition of International Women’s Day this month, Michelle Bosch shares the three most critical powers for women in real estate in this episode of the Forever Cash Podcast.

Michelle Bosch is the co-founder of the Land Profit Generator, the leading incubator of land investing businesses on the planet. Over the years, Michelle has invested in extensive corporate and personal coaching and mentorship programs. In this episode, she shares the three critical superpowers women need to develop to reach their full potential as real estate investors.

“The three most important powers that I have developed through mentorship in my career are: Presence, Voice and Position.” Join Michelle for this special edition of the Forever Cash Podcast to find out what these powers are and how you can harness them to reach your full potential as a woman in real estate.

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If you are ready to launch or advance your career as a woman in real estate, join us for our upcoming Land Profit Masterclass from March 21st – March 25th. We will take you through every step you need to follow to become a successful real estate investor in 2022 without the hassle of houses or the need for massive capital to get started.

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