The Disappearance of Ricky Lee Franks Part 2: And Tomorrow After That

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On Friday, June 7th, 1985, Nashville’s The Fan Fair, also known as “The Country Explosion” was days from its grand opening, and the city was flooded with strangers; the same afternoon, a man named Ricky Lee Franks would return to Nashville, his hometown, and see his family—briefly—before disappearing. Ricky Lee Franks had been living in a group home in Dickson, TN, and no one—not the cold-case detective now assigned to his case, or Ricky’s eldest sister, Sylvia—is quite sure how Ricky made his way back to Nashville that Friday. They also don’t know what happened afterward. . . though there have been leads that have taken investigators across state lines. That’s because years later, his family would hear startling reports of a stranger, calling himself Ricky Franks, traveling across the Southeast.

This two-part series looks at Ricky’s disappearance and Sylvia’s near-40-year-quest to find her brother.

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