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We provide updates on our coverage of Julie Doe, an unidentified decedent and probable homicide victim found along a Florida highway in 1988. Julie was a trans woman assumed to be cisgender until 2015; since its inception, the Trans Doe Task Force has worked to amplify her case and actively seek her loved ones and chosen family in hopes of resolving her case. In addition, The DNA Doe Project is actively seeking volunteers to upload their DNA to GEDmatch in hopes of identifying Julie—particularly those who live in the Southeast.

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The Trans Doe Task Force: https://transdoetaskforce.org/

DNA Doe Project: https://dnadoeproject.org/

Redgrave Research: https://redgraveresearch.com/

LAMMP Database: https://transdoetaskforce.org/new-database-lammp-lgbt-accountability-for-missing-and-murdered-persons/

Queered Science Symposium: https://transdoetaskforce.org/queered-science-trans-doe-task-force-at-aafs-2022/

Guide to Gedmatch Upload: https://www.thefalllinepodcast.com/news-1/2022/7/11/guide-to-uploading-to-gedmatch

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