The Bible is the Fabulous Story of Humankind. What a Human is

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The Bible has revealed what it is to be human. This is the epilogue of the book Mind-Body Problem Solved.

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The mind-body problem solved! We need to know because, according to the World Health Organization, mental health is the number one health problem facing humanity worldwide. Is the mind part of or separate from the brain? Is it all physical or is there a spiritual element involved? Science, Philosophy, and Religion have argued over these points for centuries. It’s time to answer these questions and establish what the mind is so we can know WHY it exists, WHAT it is, and especially HOW it works, so we can benefit from improved mental health.

The Explanation needs a solid base. That base goes back to the Bible and Biblical Hebrew. Translations help Bible comprehension but only tell a superficial story. Biblical Hebrew reveals a deeper understanding to Unlock Bible Meaning and affirms a much fuller picture of The Explanation.

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