How to Undo the Narcissistic Conditioning

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If you are someone who has experienced emotional abuse, you know the awful feeling of losing yourself. When someone is conditioned by a narcissist or toxic person, they begin to doubt themselves. They can no longer think independently. They rely on the person doing the conditioning as a source of truth and reality. This is very scary because it is intended to control you. The other person starts forcing or manipulating their beliefs on you to get you to do what they want. They might use abuse tactics like gaslighting or guilt trips to create more confusion and self doubt.
Over time, you start to feel like you are losing yourself and your identity. You put the needs of the narcissist before your own. You are in a constant state of confusion and fear because you can't trust yourself or you brain. You feel like you've been brainwashed.
In today's episode, I'll be talking about how you can start to undo this conditioning so you can step into self-confidence and remove the seeds of self-doubt. Listen in for some practical tips and techniques on how you can extract the poison of narcissistic conditioning.
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