Retrotainment Ep31: Jurassic Park

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The latest retro show of the #DynamoPodcastNetwork has finally arrived: #Retrotainment is a show that takes a look at all things nostalgic whether it be films, games, tv shows or anything else we can think of. Although #DynamosDozen never forgets the talc it wont be needed for this trip down memory lane, but maybe have it with you just in case.
#Retrotainment is back with it's thirtyfirst episode. This week we are joined again by CO host of the show Greg as we take a trip down memory lane and travel by plane to Isla Nublar to rewatch the 1993 Sci-Fi classic #Jurassic Park, where we see a wealthy man has created a theme park with real life dinosaurs as the main attraction. What could possibly go wrong in this scenario? Does this classic stand the tests of time or do our memories trick us in remembering it to be great when it wasn't well we are about to find out. Join us as we discuss the film and give our obviously highly sought after opinions on it.

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