Why I Avoided People With Traditional Backgrounds In My Job Search | Ep #50

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Austin shares why he avoided people with traditional backgrounds during his job search and instead preferred connecting with people who had non-traditional backgrounds!

Time Stamped Show Notes:

[0:25] - Why I Avoided People With Traditional Backgrounds In My Job Search

[1:09] - Traditional vs. Non-Traditional

[1:42] - What to do instead

[2:23] - Positioning yourself for success

[3:11] - How to find contacts in your dream company with non-traditional backgrounds

[4:19] - Reach out to them and make your ask

Resources Mentioned In Today’s Episode:

Have questions about changing industries or non-traditional backgrounds? Text them to Austin at (201) 479-9511.

Here’s the email template I used to reach out to people who had already made the journey I was trying to make:

Hi [Name],

My name is [Your Name] and I found your info while I was looking for people who made the transition into [New Industry] from a non-traditional background.

Your experience making the transition from [Old Company] to [New Company] really stood out to me.

I know you’re probably extremely busy and I also know your time is valuable. If you do have a few minutes, I’d love to learn more about your journey and ask you a couple of questions.

I know that’s a big ask from a stranger, so no worries if it’s too much. If you do have a few minutes, I’d be really grateful. Either way, have a fantastic week!


[Your Name]

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