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Join us as we explore a fresh perspective on being a digital nomad!

This week, on The Conscious Consultant Hour, it’s just you and Sam as he shares with you his summertime travels and what he has learned along the way.

Doing something we have never done before is a great way to expand our awareness and our understanding of ourselves. We often don’t like to put ourselves in unknown situations, yet when we do, they can be so rewarding.

On this week’s show, Sam will share with you what he has learned and experienced from temporarily living and working in three areas of the west coast. From San Diego to San Francisco to Vancouver, all three places have been magical, beautiful, and full of surprises.

Tune in and share your own experiences of traveling, moving, or doing something brand new and the opportunities that came with those experiences, as he shares his insights and challenges.

Tune in for this transformational discussion at TalkRadio.nyc or watch the Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Sam reads a section from his book Everyday Awakening entitled To Be Kind To Others Is To Give Ourselves A Great Gift. Sam says how we show up in the world is more personal than we would think. He adds that It is best to come from a place of love and peace rather than a place of blaming and victimization because it makes us and the people around us feel better. Sam shares his inspiration for the piece and the reasons why he decided to write it. He says coming from a place of anger only affects the person who is in distress. Anger is not healthy for our bodies and can lead to disease. When we focus on bringing ourselves to a better place, it helps not only ourselves but the people in our life.

Segment 2

Sam shares some personal events that happened over the summer while he was away on the west coast. He talks about the shift to working remotely and why he decided to end his lease for his office. Sam recounts his time in California in the past and how he's missed the location. Sam found a service where you could watch someone's pet and, in return, stay in their home. He decides to take up the offer and begin his nomadic experience on the west coast.

Segment 3

Sam traveled to San Diego for five weeks and then left for Berkeley. He talks about his experience and how he got another offer to dog sit for a month. Sam went on to discuss his time in Berkeley and the different opportunities that presented themselves. He planned this summer trip with his wife for a different experience to change up his NY routine. Sam continues to discuss his three-month trip and how he needed a change of pace. He was able to experience places outside of NY and learned new things about himself through the experience.

Segment 4

During his stay, Sam spent three months on the west coast and ended his trip in Vancouver, taking notice of the homeless and drug problem. He talks about meeting up with friends and spending time at social gatherings. While traveling by ferry, Sam and his wife were able to enjoy the scenic view. It really made Sam appreciate nature. As Sam's trip comes to an end, he prepares for his flight back home. Sam says he's really learned a lot about himself in these three months. He adds that when you open yourself up to new experiences, you discover new things about yourself. Sam finds the silver lining in the past two years stating he was able to experience the west coast and see old friends.

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