EP#025 Elaine Weir | Craft Your CV And LinkedIn Profile To Generate More Interviews And Attract The Best Recruiters

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Welcome to Episode Twenty Five (Season Two) of the Executive Career Jump Podcast! Today my guest is a CV and LinkedIn profile writer and coach, Elaine Weir. Elaine helps Senior Managers and Leaders to get their profiles fully optimised so that they can land their ideal next role

Elaine’s experience as a CV/LinkedIn profile writer and coach gives her a unique insight into what you need to do to stand out in an increasingly busy market.

In this episode, Elaine shares her best strategies and tactics on what you need to write in your CV and your LinkedIn profile to attract more recruiters, generate more interviews and receive offers for your dream job.

This is an episode you really don’t want to miss out on. Switch off the distractions, stick your headphones on or in, press play now and prepare to learn loads as you listen!

You will learn:

  • How to optimise your CV/LinkedIn profile with a few simple tweaks
  • The #1 reason people aren’t visiting your profile
  • Where to use (and not use) ‘Unicode Text’ in your LinkedIn profile
  • What you must have in your headline to instantly grab attention
  • The ROI of Comments to start conversations


You can connect with Elaine on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/elaineweir/
Get loads more tips at https://cvfriends.co.uk/blog/
or simply drop her an email: elaine@cvfriends.co.uk

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