EP#024 Jenni Hallam | Unlock Your True Potential and Achieve Your Career Goals... Even IF You’ve Just Been Made Redundant!

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Welcome to Episode Twenty Four (Season Two) of the Executive Career Jump Podcast! Today I am joined by Jenni Hallam who is a Personal Development Coach and Trainer. Jenni helps Senior Directors, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Professionals in the transition to succeed in their life, career, and business goals.

Jenni’s knowledge and experience enable her clients to become more effective leaders & team members, be more engaged with their work & company goals whilst managing emotions, change, and challenge.

In this episode, Jenni shares some of her best mindset tips and helps leaders in the transition to unlock your true potential and achieve your goals.

You really don’t want to miss this episode. Switch off anything that may distract you, press play now and enjoy the journey!

Things to listen out for:

  • How Jenni was made redundant THREE times and turned it into an OPPORTUNITY
  • Getting past the ‘grieving process’ of being ‘let go’
  • What the ‘Kubler-Ross Change Curve’ means for you
  • How to position and present yourself better at interview
  • The #1 Rule when writing your CV


Go reach out to and connect with Jenni on LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/jennihallam,
go meet her at: jennihallam.co.uk or drop her an email: jenny@jennyhallam.co.uk

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