The Beatles, the Bible, and Beyond with Ken Mansfield and Eddie DeGarmo

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John Lennon once famously said that “The Beatles are bigger than Jesus.” At that time in the 1960s, they were the most well-known rock band in the world. Behind the scenes helping the Beatles was Ken Mansfield. Ken was hand-picked to be the first U.S. Manager of The Beatles' Apple Records and thrust into a world that would change his life forever. Despite his success helping other artists like The Beach Boys, James Taylor, and Waylon Jennings, life felt empty, and Ken eventually came to know what true fulfillment was in a life with Jesus. Ken is joined by Eddie DeGarmo, legendary record producer, songwriter, and performer with DeGarmo and Key and co-founder of Forefront Records. Eddie has been involved in shaping the music careers of some of the most well know Christian musicians of our era, developing multi-platinum selling and Grammy-winning artists such as dc Talk, Audio Adrenaline, Skillet, Geoff Moore and the Distance, and Rebecca St. James. Listen to “The Beatles, the Bible, and Beyond” as they discuss the intersection of Jesus and Music and tell stories about their days in the music industry.

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