Episode 169: Brenda Frese, Relationships, Switching and Transition

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Guest: Brenda Frese, University of Maryland Head Coach

In this week's coaching conversation, University of Maryland head coach Brenda Frese joins the Basketball Podcast to discuss relationships, switching and transition, along with many of the things that have sustained her remarkable success.

Few coaches across any sport can claim the level of consistency and standard of excellence as Brenda Frese can in her 19 years at Maryland. Two-time National Coach of the Year, Frese's high work rate and positive attitude has resulted in 16 top-15 recruiting classes, three Final Fours, 14 conference titles and a National Championship in 2006. Frese has balanced that strong work ethic with a fun and family-friendly environment, also becoming a wife and a mother of twin boys, giving birth to them in the midst of one of the most successful seasons in the program's history. With the birth of her twins in February of 2008, she becomes one of only six coaches to win a national championship and be a parent.

Since her first season at the helm when the team won just 10 games, Frese has guided Maryland to a National Championship in 2006, 18 winning seasons, 17-straight 20-win seasons, seven 30-win campaigns and 17 bids to the NCAA Tournament. In 2021, she signed an extension through at least the 2026-27 season. With rollover years, she can be on the Maryland sidelines through 2028.


1:00 - Keys to Consistent Success

4:00 - Concept of After Care

6:00 - Strategies for Practice Phase

8:00 - Developing his Staffs

11:00 - Individual Development of a Player

17:00 - Struggling with Trainers

19:00 - Adding Challenge on Players

21:00 - Coaching is More Non-Linear

24:00 - Getting in Space

27:00 - Develop Switching

31:00 - Developing Triple Switching

32:00 - White Line Help

36:00 - Transition

38:00 - Attacking The Middle

42:00 - Progression of Reads

44:00 - Couple Counters

46:00 - Triangle

48:00 - Hybrid Motion

50:00 - Individual Development

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