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A cheerful & inspiring episode as global listeners of Stitchery Stories textile art podcast share their stories of creative joy from 2022, and shoutout those 'joy bringers' who helped them in some way to achieve that joy.

Hello & Welcome to my final episode of 2022.

A recurring theme is how much comfort & joy creative activities bring us.

So I thought it would be lovely to hear your stories of creative JOY from 2022. But not only that, to give us an opportunity to hear about those people that helped create that joy for you - the JOY BRINGERS as I decided to call them.

A massive thank you to all of you who took the time to send in your JOY.

As usual I have created a blog post for this episode on the site

Each contributor will be listed, with their links and also the details and links for their joy bringers.

I also sent out a quick question asking what your fevourite techniques, and again got some lovely replies, so I have featured a selection of those too, which are along the same theme of joy and yet more shoutouts to others.

Please tell your friends about this episode, share on socials thru stories, or write your own post, maybe with an image of you busy making and creating whilst listening? We can bring joy to others by sharing what we love. And it's always very much appreciated.

So as we wrap up 2022, I wish you all a creative and joyful 2023 Sue xxx

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