#64 - The Steppies Champ is Here! ft. Topher Boehm (Wildflower Beer)

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With our new Brewery of the Year crowned, we invited Topher Boehm of Wildflower Brewing and Blending on the show to accept the Steppie.
While WEG very clearly explained that we couldn’t possibly do another 3 hour long episode on Wildflower as he would need to edit that footage, sometimes you’ve got to just sit back, pour a bottle of Good as Gold and just embrace the long format (also, you know what WEG).
In part one of this two part episode, Topher joins us for Sip Skip Cellar, Papa takes us through the year that was 2020 through Wildflower’s release schedule and we delve a little deeper into what helped Wildflower bring home the title of Brewery of the Year.
As always, we cannot thank Topher enough for indulging us with so much of his time. Dust of your lambic basket, bust out the glassware and enjoy.
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