Undoing Pain, Meds, Opioids with Laser, Decompression (feat. Dr Emanuel Vito)

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What do pain, medications and addictive opioid drugs have in common? Not solving any health problems for good, that's for sure. Doomed to "live with" their problems and try to cope, those who have become dependent on such meds are suffering. But, if you're in pain, are you headed for that future? You might now think so but it's a slippery slope into it if you don't know what's revealed in this pivotal episode. Join Coach Frank as he interviews fellow Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr Emanuel Vito from Scranton PA, a specialist in the downsides of opioid addiction as well as alternative treatments which are developed for a longer term result. Hear about what the difference is and how it can not only often help people recover, but avoid the dangerous drug route in the first place. Tune in now!

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