Cancer, Unable to Get Pregnant, Beat Both, Her Incredible Story

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How did she go from cervical cancer, unable to have children, to cancer-free, champ body-builder, nutritional coach and now pregnant too? You HAVE to hear her story! Do you have to become a body builder? NO! Join me and my guest Erin Crawford as she tells her amazing story of how she beat the odds and how she's coaching others to similar results, even "everyday" people who have everyday goals. Did she do it with drugs and surgery? No way. Nutrition, wellness, chiropractic and more are included in her secret, but there's so much more to the internal struggle and resolve which got the job done in the end. Getting people well and healthy nutritionally AND physically is not only her passion, it's her full-time gig. And posing as a bodybuilder earning medals as well, this is one interview you can't miss! Tune in now and learn what her story can do to help you crush whatever health, wellness, sports or fitness game you're playing. Listen now!

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