#46: From Founder to Foundr with Nathan Chan

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This week on Spin It, Stephynie is speaking with Nathan Chan!

Nathan’s journey started off like so many of the other stories you hear out there. He got an IT degree because he believed it was the best degree to set him up for the future. He proceeded to get a job in IT and instantly hated it. So in order to break away from the misery, he headed off to Europe. While in Europe he had an epiphany and makes the decision not return to the job he dreads so much.

Fast forward, Nathan takes a leap of faith and bootstraps what we know today as Foundr magazine on less than three thousand dollars and takes it from idea to inception in just 4 months.

Today, Foundr is much more than the magazine it started off as. Foundr has grown into a digital content empire and serves as a major resource for today’s entrepreneurs and business owners of the future.

On today’s episode, they take an intimate look into Nathan’s journey and find out how he was able to turn several obstacles along the way into opportunities and ultimately find a way to spin life in his direction!


00:00 - Spin It Intro

00:32 - Nathan Chan Intro

01:31 - Introductory Comments

01:54 - Why Nathan Started Foundr

05:27 - Teachers on the Foundr Platform

10:27 - Consistently Adding Value

11:24 - Nathan’s Approach to Micro-Learning

14:03 - Can everyone be an Entrepreneur?

15:08 - The Biggest Adversity Nathan & Foundr are Facing

17:18 - Worst Piece of Business Advice Received

18:19 - One Quality Nathan Wants to Develop

20:35 - Nathans Morning Office Routine

23:09 - Nathans view on small talk

26:54 - Top Qualities of a Leader

27:34 - Nathan Chans Courses

30:18 - How Nathan Chan got Richard Branson and Arianna Huffington

34:18 - Top 3 people Nathan would love to have on Foundr

38:50 - Nathan’s biggest obstacle he turned into an opportunity

40:45 - Surprise Gift from Nathan

41:16 - Spin It Outro

Social Media & Important Links:

Free Gift: Go to Foundr.com/membership sign up and get a free subscription

Foundr Instagram: https://instagram.com/foundr?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

Nathan Chan’s Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nathanhchan

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