#37: The Pursuit of Empowerment with David Meltzer

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Today on Spin It!, we are talking with David Meltzer. From the minute David and Stephynie first chatted she knew he was different in every aspect of business and personal leadership.

David is a servant leader, mentor and business coach. He is also a 3x international bestselling author, the executive producer of Entrepreneur’s #1 digital business show Elevator Pitch, and host of the top entrepreneur podcast The Playbook.


1:13 - David's Decision to Become A Millionaire & His Mother

10:00 - The Power of Support

13:22 - The Quantum Intention

19:45 - 66 Days to Develop A Habit; How to Start Right Now

25:35 - Living Life with One Currency

30:22 - David's Authenticity

33:00 - Finding Top Talent: The Four Key Items

Mentioned In The Episode:

Elevator Pitch — https://www.entrepreneur.com/video/series/elevatorpitch

The Playbook — https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-playbook-with-david-meltzer/id1271087930

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