#31: Elevating your Vision with Kelly Roach

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Today, Stephynie is speaking with Kelly Roach, a Global Business Strategists and hyper-growth consultant. Kelly transforms overworked entrepreneurs into seven-figure CEOs by teaching them how to leverage timeless business principles with the most powerful online marketing speed and agility strategies of today.

Before starting her own company, Kelly spent years in corporate America rising through the ranks of a fortune 500 to become the youngest VP in the company. During her time in corporate Kelly led a team of over a hundred people with record-breaking sales, even during the economic downturn. Kelly's multi-million dollar company, “The Unstoppable Entrepreneur” is the fastest growing coaching program on the market today. Kelly also discusses her failures with starting her own online business and how she recovered. Kelly has a new book releasing next month and is also an ongoing expert on ABC, NBC, Fox, and the CW. She hosts the Kelly Roach podcast as well.

Kelly is also highly committed to ongoing philanthropic work, with a one-on-one business model that brings clean drinking water to those who don't have access through our human family foundation. In addition to running the coaching company, Kelly is the co-founder of the ‘Courageous Brand’ designed to create a movement that would give young girls a competitive edge to rise to the top, break through those glass ceilings and make a lasting change globally.


  • 00:00- Spin It! Intro
  • 00:33 - Kelly Roach Intro
  • 01:58- Introductory Comments
  • 02:58- Kelly’s Journey of Growing Up in Corporate
  • 07:31- How Kelly Started Coaching
  • 10:32- The More Wealth you have the Bigger Impact you can ake
  • 13:23- The Development of Women in the Workplace
  • 14:54- When Kelly says “NO!” in her Business
  • 18:45- Creating False Ideations of what it means to be an Entrepreneur
  • 22:25- Kelly shares her Failures
  • 28:20- Working Remote
  • 30:54- How Covid has changed Kelly’s business
  • 32:45- Settings Executives up for success who want to become Entrepreneurs
  • 41:09- How Kelly Hire’s for her Company
  • 46:58- The Difference between the Women that Achieve Greatness and those that don't
  • 51:54- Kelly’s new book- "Conviction Marketing"
  • 54:35- The Biggest Obstacle that Kelly Turned into an opportunity
  • 55:25- Important Websites and Links
  • 55:47- Spin It! Outro

Important Links:

The Kelly Roach Show https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-kelly-roach-show/id1052353755

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kellyroachofficial/

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kellyroachint/

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