#123 - Win customers like the world depends on it - Jan Rabe, Wechselpilot

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Change is hard. Getting someone else to change is even harder. So how can you convince someone to become your customer when it really matters? Jan Rabe, co-founder and CEO of of three companies - Wechselpilot, RABOT Energy & RABOT Charge - knows how to persuade us to do the right thing. Most notably, Wechselpilot is a thriving German start-up that makes switching electricity and gas contracts easy for private households. All three of his start-ups share a mission: to convince us consumers to switch to renewable energy sources. Jan’s personal mission: Make Change Possible.

Jan also knows how to keep customers happy, with Wechselpilot winning the German Service Award in 2020.

Tune in and find out all about

🎯 What trigger points you need to focus on to position yourself as the premium service provider (and get more customers)

💙 How to create trust to win customers

💱 How to finance and manage three companies at the same time

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