#120 - From Retail to Wholesale to Brand – Jan Bredack, Veganz

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Our guest today turned his Veganuary into a thriving business with a purpose. For Jan Bredack, Founder and CEO of Veganz - the brand leader for plant-based food - eating vegan is more than a nutritional choice. It is a path to better health, animal welfare and climate protection. When Jan swapped his career at a luxury car maker for the chopping waters of building a vegan company from scratch, the Vegan food choice was still in a niche. Getting investors, supermarkets and the consumers on board was not an easy communication task.

Tune in and find out all about

🤸🏽‍ The company’s pivots from retail to wholesale to brand

📈 How “fans” accelerated the development of Veganz and put the company on the path to an IPO

🕵 Jan’s passion for and secret to great leadership

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